Revolutionizing Internal Penetration Testing

Pioneering a new era in security validation and threat mitigation,

we replicate real-world breaches to deliver unparalleled

Internal penetration testing

Why Choose Invasive Lab?

Penetration Testing Through Real-World Breach Simulation

Our unique distributed agents mimic the most probable host breach scenarios, offering superior penetration testing and meticulous threat validation.


Comprehensive End-to-End Coverage

By deploying agents across all hosts, we ensure your internal network receives a level of penetration testing coverage beyond what other solutions can offer.


AI-Assisted Penetration Testing

AI bolsters our penetration testers, enabling us to deliver an unrivaled standard in penetration testing services.


Experienced Penetration Testers

Our seasoned penetration testers pinpoint vulnerabilities that often evade detection by automation and AI alone, employing these advanced features alongside human intelligence for exhaustive and effective testing.

Streamlined Penetration Testing Management

View, Customize, and Share Reports

Access customizable, detailed reports that can be securely shared with your team and external stakeholders.


Manage Vulnerabilities

Efficiently track and manage the status of vulnerability findings within your network.

Enhanced Collaboration

Assign tasks related to findings, investigation, or remediation to team members and streamline communication with our integrated commenting feature.


One-Click Remediation Testing

With a single click, request remediation validation once a finding has been addressed.

Experience The Invasive Lab Approach

Installing Distributed Agents

With a one-time setup, our agents are effortlessly deployed across your organization's hosts, paving the way for all future tests.

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